There couldn’t be any worse nightmare than walking into your beautifully decorated bathroom and getting hit by a disgusting smell. And often it is so embarrassing that even your guests feel the same thing when they enter your bathrooms. And no matter how many air fresheners you try to use, this smell stays persistent. So, it is imperative to find out the source of this smell in order to get rid of it.

 The most common sources of that putrid smell in your bathroom!

 Apparently, this bad order is a reason for the sewer gas that is often released in bathrooms and such drainage areas. You shouldn’t forget that it is a joint component of some harmful gases like ammonia, methane, carbon dioxide, nitrogen, hydrogen sulphide and hydrogen. And constant exposure to these components can lead to various respiratory diseases. So, the moment you detect such a disgusting smell coming from your bathrooms, contact a plumbing service that provides 24-hour plumber in Melbourne – like Crawford Plumbing. They immediately come to your doorsteps to help you out from this tricky situation and check the issues that are causing such a noxious smell in your bathroom and repair it immediately for you.

Dry floor waste drain — Basically, all bathrooms have the dry floor waste drain in the centre of the room or in a corner. And all the water that is used in the bathroom goes down this drain.  And if you aren’t using your bathroom for quite some time, then the base of this drain gets dried up and that leads to the sewer gas to come out from it.  And obviously, when this comes out, the nasty smell is sure to follow.

The damaged drain line — A drain line is the plumbing line that a plumber in Craigieburn installs in your home during its renovation or repair. And if this line or the pipeline gets damaged, then gas leaks out from this line. Then you get some really irritating and unbearable smell in your bathroom that can only be treated if you call for a plumber and repair the entire damaged drain line immediately.

Inadequate ventilation— A minimum amount of pungent gas present in your bathroom is normal. But mostly in this case, the gas is odourless, and you won’t be able to identify it. But when there is a lack of ventilation in your bathroom, and you are in the space for a long time, then the odour becomes unbearable. Also, in a bathroom with inadequate ventilation, the mould causes some nasty smell which makes the ambience suffocating!

 o  Basin overflow — It is the most common issue that almost everybody faces in their homes at least once a year. And of course, this causes a lot of dirty smell in your bathroom. It is the overflowing of the basin which obviously happens due to some materials getting clogged in it and can be treated by a professional plumber easily.

 So, now you know all the reasons that can be bringing that nauseous smell in your washroom. We believe you won’t waste a single moment and contact your plumber immediately to get rid of that nasty smell now!