Avoiding adequate maintenance of your hot water heaters can result in leakages in your hot water tank and failure of the hot water unit.

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Hot water heaters, also known as hot water systems, provide you with hot water in your home or office. Various reasons that call for a hot water heater repair or replacement includes an old hot water system, leakage in the hot water system or a damaged hot water system. One or more of these reasons could explain why your utility bill keeps going up. You can consider a replacement of your hot water heater and stop paying recurrent repair costs. Also, just like any other household appliance or system, you should keep proper maintenance of your water heaters to avoid costly repairs.

Avoiding adequate maintenance of your hot water heaters can result in leakages in your hot water tank and failure of the hot water unit. Keeping the weather of Melbourne into consideration, maintenance of hot water heaters should be done every five years. You can maintain the maximum safety and efficiency of the entire hot water system.

Repair and maintenance of your hot water heater on a regular basis ensures even heating and life longevity of the entire hot water heater.

During your maintenance schedule, you can ensure that the following tasks are performed to prevent damage, breakdown, and other possible repair issues of your hot water heater:

Cleaning the burner and pilot

Measuring the temperature and pressure of hot water

Checking and replacing the anode if required

Replacing the gas controller if required

Removing muck from the cylinder

Inspecting and replacing the temperature and pressure relief valve

Examining and replacing the thermocouple if required

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