Sometimes, it’s hard to foresee when we will be needing a plumber near me. Dealing with blocked drains, backing up drains, damaged systems and such are very stressful. Fortunately, there are a lot of plumbers available for emergency service. However, choosing the right one can be tricky.

Some plumbers in Melbourne charge hidden costs while others sacrifice workmanship which can lead to further stress. But not with Crawford Plumbing. We provide fast, yet accurate 24 hour services. So, no matter what the emergency is, we can provide a solution for you.

When our plumbing services in Melbourne solve the issue, it’s important to know how to prevent them from happening. So, here are some tips you can follow:

Blocked Drains

Blocked drains are often caused by mishandling waste. Baby wipes flushed in the toilet don’t deteriorate and can build up over time within the pipes. This is one of the leading causes of clogged drains. With this, avoid flushing baby wipes. In addition to that, disposing of oil in your drains are a big no. It can solidify and cause a problematic blockage as well.

Other factors that cause blocked drains are tree roots and unfavourable weather conditions. Such instances are hard to prevent so it’s always best to know a reliable plumber whenever they happen.

Leak Detection

Contrary to what people know, plumber services in Melbourne are not all about pipes and water, we also maintain gas lines to prevent fire hazards. It’s important to have a regular maintenance check for your gas lines to ensure you and your family are safe. However, when you smell leaking gas, the first thing you need to do is to open all windows and doors to promote airflow in the space. Thereafter, refrain from turning on any light switch, plugging in appliances and avoid using electronic devices to avoid sparks that can trigger a fire and explosion. So, ensure that you contact emergency plumbers near you and other authorities when the smell subsides.

Hot Water Heaters

Hot water systems are essentials in homes and offices. This is why it requires regular maintenance and by doing so you save yourself from higher expenses and the hassle of a malfunctioning water system.

Sewer Repairs

Pipes can naturally degrade over time which can be caused by rust, debris or tree roots. Sewers may be damaged as well during the storm where water is usually high-pressured and brings a lot of debris. For this reason, it’s always best to monitor your sewer every once in a while so you can detect a leaking or damaged sewer pipe early. When this happens, you can contact our team and we can quickly provide an assessment and provide you with a quote.

Tap And Toilet Repairs

Our taps and toilets are the most commonly used fixture in our home. So, we understand how irritating and wasteful it is when they leak. Such instances typically happen when the fixture degraded due to wear and tear. While waiting for our team to arrive, here’s what you can do to stop a leaking tap.


Emergency plumbing issues are stressful. Call Crawford Plumbing on 0450 107 600 to immediately assist you.