5 QuickFix Plumbing Hacks That You Can DIY

Have you ever dealt with a plumbing malfunction that needed an instant fix but you weren’t equipped with the right know-how?


Well, we’ve all been there. From having a broken basin to struggling with a leaking pipe, these plumbing situations can get really annoying. But don’t worry. Here’s a list of some simple and quick DIY hacks that’ll save you in the odd hours.

1. Harsh Water Marks

If the water supply in your area generally has harsh water, your bathroom’s ceramic ware may acquire harsh water marks. These are unpleasant to the eye and can affect the hardware’s strength.

A piece of 2000 grit sandpaper can significantly help in this case. So, get one and start rubbing.


2. Smartly Drill Out Large Sized Holes

Drilling out large holes using a drilling machine can often be a challenging task. Not now though, as we have found a fix.

What you can do is circle the area that you want to pop a hole into and draw four small holes on the perimeter of this circle.

This will allow your dedicated drilling tool to easily make the desired hole.



3. Soldering a Pipe That’s Filled With Water

Many times, your plumbing chores may require you to solder a pipe that’s filled with water. In such situations, you can use a 12-inch sectional pipe, and with the help of your thumb you can suck the remaining water out of the metal pipe, so that it can be soldered.

4. Unscrew The Faucet’s Aerator Easily

Yes, plier jaws can work greatly for removing your faucet’s jaw. But that is still not the best tool for doing that.

If you look closely, the back of your plier’s jaws will have rubber grips. These rubber grips when used to unscrew the aerator can make the task much easier.


5. Quickly Check For Leak(s) In Your Property’s Plumbing System

If your house has a water meter and you want to check whether there’s a leak in your plumbing system, you can simply note down the reading on the meter and come back in a few hours to see if the readings have changed.

If yes, this may be time for you to consult an emergency plumbing service in Melbourne.

Plumbing systems when not taken care of can cost way more than just money. And water anyway needs to be used wisely. Aiding the same, here we talked about five plumbing hacks that you can DIY.


Hopefully, this was helpful.